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By Roger Chartier       

2015 Calendar

Download the 2015 calendar

From this site then print it out and staple it together!

It is an 8 1/2 " by 11" piece with 13 pages. Twelve pages are of the calendar months and then there is the cover page.

Check out the panel below and see the holidays and event dates that are in the calendar.

When is Federal Employees Day Off"? We don't know but in any case it's on the calendar.

It has nice large pages to write in and save events and info that you will need.  

So check it out and decide for yourself.

  1. When is Friendship Day?

  2. When is Admin Professionals day?

  3. When was John Lennon Assasinated?

  4. Did you ever hear about "Talk Like A Pirate Day"?

This is the image from the front of the 2015 calendar - do you know where it is?

 If you get high (elevation) in Northern New England you might know...



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