by Roger Chartier


Links to tax websites with useful information

TaxMan123-Blog Discusses various changes to the tax law and events that are tax related in our current history.

Talk Taxes Blog A log of tax related events and subjects. Tax information for readers and those interested in tax.
Tax Deductions for Musicians page 1 Informative and helpful tax info for musicians based on how to save tax payment money for the typical expenses that are deductible.
Tax Deductions for Musicians Page 2 An extension of Tax Deductions for Musicians 1
Tax Deductions for Musicians Page 3 An extension of Tax Deductions for Musicians. 1 & 2.
Online Tax Help from the IRS A page from the website www.RC123.com that is informative about taxes.
Tax Refund - Where's Mine? An interesting article about the timing of tax return payments.
IRS Form 1099- Miscellaneous Go to the page and you can print a 1099 form to look at
How To Save On Taxes - 1 A varied and resourceful spot to learn how to save on tax payments.
How To Save On Taxes - 2 A second link to a good web page where you can learn how to save on tax payments.
How To Save On Taxes - 3 Another good page to learn how to save on tax payments.
How To Save On Taxes - 4 More information on tax savings.
Learn To Do Tax Preparation An interesting bit of information about you learning to do taxes as an income source.
IRS Taxpayer Advocate Find out what an IRS Taxpayer Advocate is.
Parental Support Deduction As we get older so do our parents - when they need help for living this can teach us how to make it work to our advantage as well.
Education Deduction How to save tax money on education.
Tax relief A good subject to have information about.
Energy Efficiency Tax Credit It is nice to learn how we can save money.
IRS Form W9 A nice, print for free, tax related form.
2015 IRS Mileage Allowance - Deductions A great way to get an allowance or deduction for mileage for some of us.
Filing Late and/or Paying Late There are solutions for a reasonable amount of "late time" but read this first so as to not make a big mistake.
Tax Trouble - What To Do A good answer for a good question.
An Authoritative Site With All 1099 Forms and Instructions
www.online-w2-form.com - A Lot of Information About W2 Forms
www.1040-forms.com Overview and download  most 1040 forms
www.w4form.biz What you need to know about the IRS Form W4